Thank you for checking out this website.  I hope you enjoy  
samples of each song and unique page.

My artistic passions and efforts stir for one dream:
The blessings that come with being a known writer, director,
and songwriter...
particularly of ONE masterpiece film....Split Peas.

When health and beauty are gone, I will still
be entertaining!  Along the way, I simply hope
to share some smiles and laughter with You.
"Rhonda's Royal Roulette" officially Launched by the
end of August 2005,   Consisting of:
*  This Website designed by Myself.
*  My first "Opening" to the Public WORLD
(inclusive to 5 CD's and advertisement of
2 PRIZE Scripts and Biz offers)
*  My VISION of "Rhonda's BeachCliff"
*  Over One Thousand CD packages mailed
for                        promotion.
*  "My Space"profiles.  (4/27/2006)
*  Videos!
Meet my favorite Girl
at the front door,

My BIZUpdate page will keep you up to speed by Thanking Radio Stations &
FANS that are playing my tunes and letting you know where song requests
are available, along with other various Business.
This LAUNCH resulted with a Royalty Check from BMI in September, 2006!
Some Launching Memories
I LOVED ARUBA!!!     After ARUBA????   FUN HAIR!  Admiring my  new Jewels!
I received permission to
share this special poem
below from...
Dearest Rhonda,
I just want to touch base with you so I can tell you, how
truely amazing your music is. I mean c'mon, upon hearing
"fairytale lost" I couldn't sleep for days. All I could do was
be rowdy, and it even sparks creativity.  I've even written
you a poem:

you are the sun the stars and even the moon
I could listen to your record every day..even at noon
your songs are insipiring and fill me with awe
they make me twirl and dance, and make me drop my jaw
your voice is so humble and so divine
some songs are so sexy, I whip out the wine!

when I hear rage it makes me so content
I think of all those ex-es and resent, resent, resent!
then I think again, and realize your music's on my side
and together, we can make life, a pretty kick ass ride!

rhonda i wake up with your voice in side my head.
i'll be singing rowdy girl before i'm even out of bed.
as i put on my polyester and put away my lace
all i think of is you and your lovely grace.

So with that, keep continuing to be as awesome as you
truely are. Everyone loves you here in Rochester, NY.
Everyone! Me..Brian..Martha..My Mom..my Art
Teachers..You're a hit! so with that,have a good one my

With all the happiness in the world,
Scotty Shang

PS tell Party Lady I say Hello!