To schedule an appointment, text me at
561-336-1007 U.S.A.
First 1 hour Assessment Fee  $200

(all fungi related consultations include basic
"Earfiltration" education.  This is a long term natural step
30 MINUTE  All Other Consultant Fee $50

Remedies for Earfiltration after Step 1:

1.0 FL OZ:  All orders included S&S
3 ingredients $35
4 ingredients $40
5 ingredients $50
THE BOMB $60 (includes pure phytoplankton)
...Continued Research

EARFILTRATION THERAPY is a new channel to battle
human decomposition and extend human existence.

I am alive to testify to this experiment
for many years.  I
offer  sick people with various conditions this opportunity
to save your organs!

Less than 3 PERCENT of the entire world has been diagnosed, studied,
and lived past a battle of the worst spore ever studied by mankind:

Aspergillus Niger in the bloodstream;... Not only did I inhale hundreds of
thousands of these spores on the job site, I have lived and founded a life
saving technique.  The only reason I am sharing my story
eventually and
immediately available for consultation
for therapy is to help save others.  It
is a time consuming and costly lifestyle.  

All remedies ordered are taken at your own risk. By the nature of what
transpired in my body for years and personal expertise, I hypothesize that
this process can save people with "obscure" infections that are losing their
quality of life for known or unknown circumstances from fungi to loss of
hearing or vision, ect....(all organs of the body).  I understand not only
decomposing in a war and fighting for every working organ
and living skin
, but coming through with full function.  I didn't choose to be a hostage
and am available to bring you overall balanced health because it is God's
My time is valuable and so is yours. So text now to schedule a
EARFILTRATION THERAPY is a new channel to battle human decomposition AND
extend human existence!