Tired and Going Broke from Paying Doctors that Can't Help?
November 10, 2010 I started to work in a "sick building" in Boca Raton, FL feeling like I had caught the
flu from week one,  that led me to a rare Fatal diagnosis by July 16, 2012 with Aspergillus Niger tested in
my sputum.   I had been inhaling the spores that molded the folder on my desk and making many sick.  I
had stayed too long.  If you think you are allergic to your environment, GET OUT!

My future book ,
RhondaRealeases:  Health or Hostage will be written to unveil all sorts of medical
controversy and beyond at my own risk.  It will be "based on a true story."

Meanwhile, I am available as a consultant at your own risk.   The options are trying this long-term step
therapy over time, or losing function of your organs or having body parts chopped off.   And how many
people want to give up enema's, or just experiment to save vision or hearing that you are losing against all

I have years of experience in saving my own life without the help of doctors who left me for dead along
with the major companies knowingly responsible.  I have suffered about 150 catastrophic symptoms that
come along with inhaling hundreds of thousands of  the
worst spores scientifically known to mankind.  
Aspergillus Niger is TRULY PARAMOUNT and catastrophic warfare with a mission to decompose every
organ of the body.  Feeding on stress is priority; ANY food is a plus for energy.  I had lost my voice and
quality of life for years.

I am available by serious appointments only to access and follow you as a patient and guide you through
this, as any specialty doctor would; and I don't know of one that could. The 4 patients studied in my
research are dead, along with a friend and coworker at age 40 in the same building with no diagnosis to her
death and we had similar complaints and symptoms.  Each of you will be different and constantly go
through changes of therapy regarding my founded "Earfiltraton" process assuming the situation is fungi
related versus other consults.  I will not respond to solicitations for advice.

In my late 20's, I
conquered panic attacks for a lifetime, drug-free, while specializing in pharmaceuticals,
fearing that anxiety would ruin my life.  By 32, I had launched my website and received a royalty check
from BMI the following year as a Freelance Creative Artist.  At 40, I was diagnosed as fatal and thereafter
found myself in a catastrophic relationship on the death bed while disassociated with the world for years as
my own mad scientist fighting for my life.  

I am now 45 relaunching myself  with new music and goals.  I have no guarantee's for fatal situations,
outcomes, or miracles but I believe you are being helped by God with my care which requires your trust
and diligence to therapy.  I have been THROUGH it!  

These tools, experience, and research are invaluable weapons.   I lost all
of my finances to useless doctors before completely hitting the death bed for years.
Because I have to share my expert methods, my initial consultation fee is $200 for a one hour
assessment.    Thirty minute appointments are $50 thereafter.  How bad to you want to live?  

I respectfully understand your options.  

Health or Hostage?

God Bless You All,
Rhonda Gail
God has planted a message and healing solution with me to share with the nation.....