*****  "For Good Of The
Criminal Action Comedy; Starring,                                                     

                Available optional soundtrack "BEDTIME STORY"!                    
pictures, I  found this perfectly blue and pink tinted                  
sign for this upcoming phenomenon-
at  around 2:30 a.m. in  2004.  It gave me
chills!"                                                                      - Rhonda
"The original picture  is laminated with bubbles.
At the time, it appeared a mistake,  just ruined;

Until after  surviving Hurricane HISTORY
(Direct categories 2 and 4) in  Vero  Beach, FL

I visited:
Las Vegas, then L.A., where my  screenplay, "FOR GOOD OF THE PEOPLE"
and 'a capella' soundtrack "BEDTIME STORY" was accepted to be reviewed by
Lions Gate Entertainment Production as a priority Sept 2004.

I have a copy of the release form! - what an inspiration!!!
floor,                                       couch, hallway
and tables.  
- Rhonda writes:
(Feb 15th, 2005)
Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc. for
People" .  You should see color
paperback "FGOTP" in stores as
soon as I can afford it!  Thanks
Dorrance and Tony for loving it!