Latest Update:  5/02/2006
My mini Auto-Bio Slide Show!                    3:41sec
of my new FANS!  Thanks for YOUR
words of inspiration
(of all sorts)!
--With Love,  Rhonda
1/16/2006   ***SPONSOR REQUEST***  Thanks to
PROGRAM-ACE from Ukraine, Russia for reviewing
"Split Peas" and developing a production crew for
their first 3D animation Oscar masterpiece!   Good
news, they charge $15 per hour verses the U.S. dollar
of $1,000 per second for animation.   I need $2,400,000
for this production.   I will be responsible for paying
recording time for the characters in the U.S. and they
will match it up w/ their work.  If interested, please
request a copy of "SPLIT PEAS" to negotiate a profit
for YOU as well and enjoy sharing the worldwide
success! (Requesting 5 mil for entire project)
4/7/2006  CONTRACT IN HAND    Thanks to
Tony Piccuillo of Dorrance Publishing Co. Inc.
for agreeing to Publish "For Good of the
People" (as soon as I get a small amount of
cash) Thanks Dorrance and Tony for loving
it!    "Split Peas" is on board for review next!
Thanks to Sal LaBruzzo (picture model) and
Steve Fugate for photography assistance.
1.  Thanks to Dynamic Dave at WDYN  for playing "Rhonda" CD variety cuts a LONG time round the clock!  
Make a live request to Dave from 9 to 5 eastern time:  or  out of  Rochester, New York.  Thanks Dynamic Dave!  8/17/05
2.  Thanks for the support from Central Connecticut State University Radio Station!!  8/20/05
3.  Thanks to PEELGRASS (KABEL 87.5 MHz), The Netherlands!!!  So nice to send me a two day playlist, mixing my
country songs with the top Labels and country classic singers....Kenny Rogers, Restless Heart, Merle Haggard,
Johnny Cash, The Statler Brothers and "RHONDA"!!!        -  - You've made my first week of feedback so exciting! 8/22/05
Make a request  via website to  to hear a "Rhonda" "Country Breast" song!
4.  Thanks to Martin Jahr from Radio Nova in Oslo, Norway for interviewing me about my free artistic expressions
in my songs/text and webpage.  8/15/05.
 Martin will be sending me the radio edited MP3's when the project is
finished.  Depending on the self incriminiation, I MAY share!
5.  Thanks to William Jervis from Luxemburg Europe for playing my tunes and the feedback from the listeners!  And
thanks         for the referral to another radio station!  9/8/05 and then What a Surprise!
 9/14/2005 ...Thanks William, for
making time to  interview
me  while you were visiting the U.S.  during your hectic schedule!  I'm very grateful.
6.  Thanks to ILR Television and Radio for keeping All of my songs/CD's in rotation weekly.  Thanks for sending
my personalized weekly playlists.  
Make a request to Australia and hear Your Rhonda favorites live on your
internet by contacting
.  ILR features 24/7 direct to radio programming.  THANKS!
7.  (10/11/2005)   Thanks to  THE REGULAR GUYS, Larry, Eric and Tim from Atlanta, Georgia for my first LIVE
Radio interview
at 96 Rock!  Check out their morning show via internet from 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m.
8.  This is a "BLIND BLANKET" THANKS to all of the Radio Stations playing my tunes that haven't directly written to
me.  The FANS and other Links are letting me know.  (Minnesota, Iowa, Texas and much more than I know!)
9.  Thanks To "THE REGULAR GUYS" show for my second LIVE interview November 2nd, 2005!  These guys are really
entertaining and I suggest tuning in live via your internet if your not in Georgia.  (each morning from 8 AM to 10 AM!
10.  THANKS again (refer to #6) to ILR.  They send me a playlist every week since my launch with ALL of my diverse songs in
constant rotation!  
11.  Thanks again to Dynamic Dave (refer to #1) for also communicating the constant rotation of my tunes in New York.   
12.   12/2/2005        Thanks to Michael Antonio, Music Director for WSPN 91.1 from Saratoga Springs, NY
for                       supporting my music.    We are currently negotiating a REAL RHONDA show!
CREATIVITY!!!!!!!                                             And  THANKS to ALL the Fans who order!  Hope you're enjoying.
14.   12/16/2005    Thanks to Alooga Starlight Radio for playing my music and sending a personalized
playlist                 from Croatia!
15.    March/28/2006   Thanks to Martha and Scott of The Shang Gang (New York) for making the "Rowdy Girl" video FOR
 What a GIFT!   They can make my videos anytime.
16.  5/02/06    Thanks to station manager, Joseph Midzak, and his DJ crew at KTEQ (Rapid City, SD) for letting me know
they've been playing and enjoying w/ excitement the "Country Breast" CD.  It's been in rotation for the past 2 semesters at their
Science and Technology Institute.  They've requested the rest!   Thanks KTEQ for support with Enthusiasm!
17.  year  2006  (see #6)   Since my 2005 August Launch throughout every week TO THE PRESENT:  Thanks to ILR
Television and Radio for sending my personalized weekly playlists.
 Make a request to Australia and hear Your Rhonda
favorites live on your internet by contacting
BizUpdates is a "Thank You" list to Radio Stations,  Various
Business                                         Opportunities and overall appreciation of
This LAUNCH resulted with a Royalty Check from BMI in September, 2006!